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BF V RTX is now live
BF V/RTX will be my third review this week.  A new card tomorrow.  Another follow-up Friday.  Then BF V at the weekend.  Mario also has BF V and a RTX 2070.  

Here is Nvidia's PR .... just to start it off:

When Jensen stepped out on stage at Gamescom 2018 and proclaimed that NVIDIA was going to reinvent graphics with GeForce RTX, we knew we had our work cut out for us. It was a huge task. This week all that hard work is highlighted by a big milestone:

·        Battlefield V becomes the first game to utilize DXR ray tracing when the first release of DXR becomes available via an in-game patch.

We will also have the first public release of GeForce RTX features in the Final Fantasy XV benchmark. Later this month Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus will release an update that adds another GeForce RTX feature, NVIDIA Adaptive Shading (NAS).

Reinventing Graphics

To pull off our task we needed a new graphics architecture (Turing), a new style of rendering (hybrid rendering), new graphics processing cores (RT cores and Tensor cores), new GPUs (GeForce RTX) and new tools for developers.  

It also required the help of many other players in the gaming industry.  A new industry standard API (Microsoft DirectX Raytracing) had to be invented, game engines such as Unreal Engine, Remedy and Frostbite had to add support, and visionary game developers would have to take a chance with us and implement these forward-looking technologies.

“GeForce RTX and NVIDIA’s Turing architecture provide an astonishingly powerful new foundation for game development by combining raytracing acceleration, artificial intelligence hardware, and programmable shading in one GPU for the first time ever.”

·        Tim Sweeney CEO, Epic Games CEO

We believed in the technology, so we pushed forward.  Game developers immediately saw the power and benefits of GeForce RTX  and hopped on board with 11 titles announcing support for DXR ray tracing.

Battlefield V is First with Ray Traced Reflections

Today Battlefield V released a patch that adds support for the first release of DXR ray tracing, becoming the first game to adopt DXR ray tracing.

“The first time we implemented real-time ray tracing in on our Arctic Fjord and Rotterdam maps, it was amazing!”

·         Christian Holmquist, DICE Technical Director

DXR ray tracing is changing the way games look and play.

“Real-time ray tracing creates the most physical, immersive and visually-striking experiences and we are extremely excited that Battlefield V will be the first game to utilize this technology.”

·        Christian Holmquist, DICE Technical Director

It is also changing the way games are created.  

“This is something we have been longing for, for a long time. We’re awesome at drawing an object in isolation and making it look almost perfect, but the interaction between objects is where ray tracing really comes into play for reflections, shadows and global illumination.”

·        Christian Holmquist, DICE Technical Director.

The November GeForce RTX Content Rollout

The content rollout will look like this:

Wednesday, November 14: Battlefield V released a patch that added support for the first release of DXR ray tracing.
Wednesday, November 14: Final Fantasy XV benchmark with DLSS support will be released publicly by Square Enix at 5PM PST.
Monday, November 19: Bethesda will update Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus to add support for NVIDIA adaptive shading (NAS).
We want to thank gamers for their patience and hope that they will love the first of many games, applications and experiences that will feature support for GeForce RTX technologies.

DLSS/RTX now publicly available in FFVX.

I had to redo all of my benches for one card - stock and OC'd - because of a driver update.

Now I am playing BF V. I have to say that the War Stories SP missions (so far) are of the highest caliber. At least as good - if not better - than CoD.

The graphics are spectacular - even in DX11 (no RTX) and it plays well on Ultra/1080P on a mid-range card.

What is not to like.

As soon as I find a benchmark, I'll put it aside and write a review for tomorrow AM.

Then I have to play some more and then write another review for Friday AM.

Then it's RTX IQ and benching time .. hopefully by Monday.
I played through the 3 war stories - not completed them all - but enough to find a *great* demanding benchmark.

One more card to bench with BF V. Then I write my review.

The Frontier installer had to cancel but said he will be here first thing at 8 AM. I will believe it when I see him.
Is Frontier the new ISP? I wish you luck with that.

It sounds like you've got things under control there. Congrats.
Not really.

I still have to write my 2 reviews. One is due early tomorrow AM. And I still have 2 cards to bench with BF V.


I *did* have a lot of time. Then everything came at once.

RTX is on a backburner until I am done with my committed reviews. I should have it done by Sunday.

The reviews I have seen are pretty superficial ... the patch dropped around 2-3 AM and the sites already had their reviews up 3 hours later. And social media is pretty negative about RTX (what a surprise). I see a lot of r/AMD guys posting shit on r/nvidia. I stopped looking at anyone one else's review and I won't visit another forum until my own review is posted.

Mario is going to review RTX 2070/BF V also. I wonder if we will agree or disagree.
That's a good plan to separate the two reviews. More page views for BTR and also you will be able to focus properly on each one.

Just remember to *rest* and take it easy when you can! Lots happening with you lately.
OK. I am *done* with the benching. Not all cards got BF5/Hitman 2 but the main competitors did.

Good enough.

And I'll take your advice for a short nap now

I have an all-nighter to pull with writing, uploading images/charts, etc.
I guess this is the post for BF V related - not the Turing discussion. I guess we went on a tour.

By my remarks in that thread, I don't want to take away from the women who served in WWII by my disgust at the women portrayed in Nordlys War Story.

Women actually served on the front lines carrying arms with them into combat on the front lines, and killing German soldiers and taking casualties and dying just as the men did.

Quote:Early in “The Unwomanly Face of War,” Svetlana Alexievich’s harrowing and moving account of female Soviet soldiers during World War II, there is a scene where a group of female fighters arrives at the front. Wearing army shirts and forage caps — shorn of the long braids they once felt proud of — they are crack graduates of a women’s sniper school, assigned to the 62nd Rifleman’s Division. Their commander is not happy to see them. “They’ve foisted girls on me,” he complains.

The commander orders them to prove they can shoot and perform other key tasks such as camouflaging themselves in the field. Skeptically watching their training exercise, he steps on a hummock and is taken aback when the ground below him speaks. “You’re too heavy,” the hummock tells him. It is a female sniper, embedded in the landscape. “I take back my words,” the commander admits amid their laughter.

The woman recounting that anecdote killed 75 men in the years that followed, receiving 11 combat decorations and becoming renowned for her skill at picking off Nazis. She and her companions were among some 1 million women who fought in the Soviet army, helping repel the Germans during four bloody years of siege, occupation and combat. For many Allied countries, World War II was the watershed conflict that brought women into the military (and intelligence) in significant numbers; with fighting taking place in so many quarters, it proved impossible to staff a global war using only men. But the Soviets deployed theirs most fully. At the outset of American involvement, U.S. officials dithered over whether to admit women even in non-combat capacities — it was feared that they might become hysterical if permitted to work as, say, air traffic controllers. Soviet women, in contrast, served as fighter pilots, tank drivers, infantrymen, antiaircraft gunners.

HOWEVER, I don't care if any human was portrayed in Nordlys - the story is just effing stupid and it deteriorated into the *impossible & illogical*. It was SO bad it broke immersion completely and I just wanted to get through it as quickly as possible. It started great - that is the problem, then it set out to make women into the goddess that today's BS movement demands.

Where is that THUMBS DOWN emoticon when I need it?
The movement is not BS. Prior to WW1, women were considered the property of their husbands and were not even allowed to vote. When the men went off to fight the war, the women were left behind to run the entire country. It was then that they demanded equal rights and it was the start of the women's right movement. They obtained the right to vote at the end of WW1.

Another nice story about women's rights involves the first woman to run in the Boston marathon in 1967 I believe. Women were forbidden to run up until that time. The first woman to run did it against the organizers' wishes, and one of them tried to remove her bib while she was running. Her boyfriend intervened, tackled the guy down, and she completed the race. Thereafter, women were allowed to participate.

To this day women do not earn equal pay to men. It's disgusting. I applaud EA for this move, bad story and all. We need this in the gaming industry. It's way too male focused. There are so many girls out there that would be more into gaming if it actually catered to them even somewhat. Like it or not, women make up half of our world and the gaming industry would be wise to wake up to this fact. They could double their market overnight with the right marketing.

Sorry, I'm not trying to sound harsh and I'm in no way implying that you are opposed to the women's rights movement. It's just I'm quite passionate about a lot of social justice causes. This one in particular strikes a bit of a chord with me.
I think you should reread my post again. You obviously missed what I was saying. And I was the one telling you that the me too movement is good and you were saying that it would hurt democracy with accusations.

I also pointed out that Women fought on the FRONT LINES *alongside* the men in WWII - with guns, killing German soldiers - and they were damn good at it.

Here's my post's TL;DR: The SJ warriors made the STORY completely stupid in Nordlys. It attempted to *glorify* women. They are not goddesses. Women are WOMEN - the EQUAL of MEN - not our superiors. The SJ movement is bullshit in THIS CASE by attempting to rewrite history by OVER-addressing the issues of the past with stupidity and bad writing.

I applaud EA by including women in the BF V series. But they made the story stupid. A balanced story would have made the case for SJ. This Nordlys story makes it look stupid and ridiculous and it will be discounted for that reason alone. Nice try - but a complete fail.

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