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GTX 1060 GDDR5X 6gb
(11-18-2018, 04:41 AM)SickBeast Wrote: There is no way out for them now on multiple fronts.  I expect their stock to drop lower.  It will be a real shame if any of their talented people take the fall for this.

Maybe they need some new people. Corporations need to turn over employees or they get lazy. It's the Peter Principle at work in corporations - it happens to all of them.

And don't feel sorry for the talented people who leave - they will find other jobs. Tech is a relatively small industry and everyone knows everyone else. Sometimes a person isn't a great fit at one company but may become a dynamo at another.
Rebrand the gtx1070 the gtx1060 ti , price it at $329 ,problem solved
(11-18-2018, 10:23 AM)happy medium Wrote: Rebrand the gtx1070 the gtx1060 ti , price it at $329 ,problem solved

You mean the GTX 2060 Ti. But Nvidia tends not to do this.

I think we will see new chips.

But then it will be interesting to see what Nvidia actually does. I don't think they like the RX 590 beating the GTX 1060 very much. Maybe they will allow it for awhile, drop their prices on the GTX 1060 to clear stock, and then release the GTX 2060. I already see sales on the GTX 1060 include Monster World as a bundle.

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