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What's happening at BTR *15*
I'm still working on the Vive Pro Intro ... after all, it is still a National Holiday - Labor Day.   And I'd rather be writing it than be stuck in the traffic jams today ...

It's done when it is ready and posted; and even then, there are still typos.  After reading it too many times, I tried to shorten it but made it longer.  And now I just have two more images left to capture and post ... in the meantime, I have started benching.  So, "pretty soon".
Sounds good. My Corsair k63 keyboard just arrived. Typing on it now. I think I like it. I will have to get used to the cherry mx red switches. I am used to the tactile and auditory feedback of blue switches. But these switches still feel ok, just different. Definitely better than the romer-g switches on the Logitech keyboards. We'll see. If I can't get used to these I will just return it and hold out for something newer and better I guess.
I have 2 pics left to go. Everything else is done. But I need the *perfect* 2 pics

But if I can't get perfect ones within a reasonable time, I will leave them out

How do the cherry mx red switches compare with the blue?

No Labor Day holiday in Canada today?
The cherry mx switches are much different from the blues. No tactile or auditory feedback. But typing on them is still nice. Just very different. I'm thinking I can get used to it. The keyboard itself is extremely nice. Very good build quality and materials, and there have been no wireless dropouts so far which is a nice change from my old keyboard.

The thing is, my choices in terms of wireless mechanical keyboards are extremely limited. I can either use this one, a Logitech model with romer-g switches which I have tried and I don't like, or else a cheap Chinese no-name brand keyboard like my old one where it would have a lot of bluetooth connectivity issues (and it straight up failed completely last week on me with terrible warranty support from the manufacturer thus far).

So far of all my options I like this one the best. They say the cherry mx red switches are best for gaming anyways. I will let you guys know my thoughts after some gaming with it. Typing is pretty good though. Better than I thought it would be. It's smoother feeling. There is no "bump" when you are pressing down the keys. I seem to be able to type about as quick as I could before on the blues so I'm happy so far. And my wife will definitely like how quiet this one is.

I have a feeling that the brown switches are the best. I do prefer the tactile bump, but it's also nice to have something that is quiet. Mind you, without the bump the keys are easier to press and it's less strenuous on my hands. Apparently people susceptible to RSIs much prefer the red switches.

It's a holiday here, yes, I just got back from a friend's cottage. We had a great weekend. We actually had a camping trip planned with some different friends but they were calling for rain all weekend so we went to the cottage instead. We had a nice time.

How are things there? Everything good?
Yes, I am doing OK.  I was eating too much ... after not eating after a few months, everything tasted good.  I had to get my own balance back.

I am eating a simple lunch and will get those two pics and the Pro Intro up before my nap. No ... really

Then, it's back to benching!

Happy Holidays!
Sounds good. Smile

I will check it out once you have it posted. I'm looking forward to seeing how you like it compared to the Rift.
I like it way better! It's like asking how I like my GTX 1070 compared with my Titan Xp.

Ask me if I am going to buy it.

No wait ... I will answer that question in my article.

Happy Holidays!

I heard good things about Strange Brigade and it is cheap on G2A - $27 ($50 on Steam)


There is a built in benchmark! Now BTR is up-to-date!
(09-05-2018, 10:46 PM)apoppin Wrote: I heard good things about Strange Brigade and it is cheap on G2A - $27 ($50 on Steam)


There is a built in benchmark!  Now BTR is up-to-date!

Cool. That looks like a very decent new release game for only $27. Nice find! The benchmark is a nice bonus and it makes your life easier.
Guru3d says its an AMD PR flog title, but that's okay given how often these blow up in AMD's face and perform better on nvidia anyway Wink

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